JKUAT Student Graduates After 7 Years Of Working in A Tea Plantation To Raise School Fees

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Dec 01, 2023 07:12
A Collage image of Naom Kemunto. Photo Courtesy

In a powerful display of unwavering determination, Naom Kemunto a student from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has successfully graduated after navigating seven years of hard work in a tea plantation to finance her education.

This resilient graduate symbolized perseverance and confronted financial challenges that led her to make a significant decision to work on a tea plantation to generate the funds required for her school fees.

Her extraordinary journey unfolds as a compelling narrative of resilience and the pursuit of knowledge against formidable odds.

The graduate says that her story commenced with an unwavering commitment to education, overcoming financial hurdles that could easily have deterred many. 

For seven years, the tea plantation transformed into more than a workplace; it became a poignant symbol of dedication and sacrifice as she diligently worked to secure her place in academia.

“I toiled on a tea plantation working as a tea picker to fund my education since I come from a humble background,” Naom told Look Up Digital.

Naom Kemunto who hails from Nyamira joined Jkuat in 2017 to pursue a degree in Food Science and Nutrition.

Taking to her X account formerly Twitter, Naom expressed how grateful she was.

“Joined JKUAT in 2017 and left in 2023 Delay is not denial,” She wrote.

She is hopeful that the degree she has earned from JKUAT University will transform her life for the better.

"I hope with this degree, I will be able to to change my story, because it has not been an easy ride," She stated.

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