23-Year-Old Maasai Girl Who Defied Her Father To Pursue Education Graduates With A Degree In Economics

ByNasha Kagua
Published on: Dec 26, 2023 02:12
A college image of Doreen Spoia Mereso. Photo| Courtesy

In a world where knowledge is the key to unlocking full potential and societal progress, the fundamental belief stands that education is a universal right, not a privilege.

Meet Doreen Spoia Mereso, a 23-year-old who has become the first woman in her community at Aitong Village, Narok County, to achieve a degree in Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University.

Doreen’s attainment has brought so much joy and pride to her family and the entire village of Aitong as it is uncommon for a woman to pursue a degree of this nature.

Her path has been marked by challenges, starting with a father who initially opposed her hunger for education. However, her mother's determined efforts ensured she completed her schooling, and ultimately, she secured sponsorship through the Pastoralist Child Foundation.

Doreen Mereso is the fifth child in her family, where her father has three wives and a total of 22 children. Her elder sister wasn’t able to finish her education and ended up getting married.

Doreen argues the Maasai community to offer equal educational opportunities for girls, as they also have potential. she adds that she will come back to assist the disadvantaged girls in the Maasai community to pursue education.

Lesopia Olongiso, Doreen's father, expressed immense joy at Doreen's achievements. He emphasized that her success has convincingly demonstrated that education is meant for everyone and not only for the boy child.

 “I am very happy today for Doreen's performance and from today I will ensure that I will support my girls in education, as today I have seen the degree in the family and I thank the Pastoralist Girls Foundation for sponsoring Doreen and has opened our eyes. to attain a degree to which I suppose she will come back and assist the entire community,” he said.

The Pastoralist Child Foundation led by Samuel Leadismo has also demonstrated its pride for Doreen’s victory and is positive that they will continue to empower other girls to go through education and stop early marriages, FGM, and teenage pregnancies as the biggest challenges that are currently facing the pastoralist communities.


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