From A Matatu Conductor To A News Anchor, The Untold Story of Trevor Ombija

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Oct 03, 2023 08:10
Trevor Ombija. Photo Courtesy

Trevor Ombija, a prominent figure on Citizen and Ramogi TV, has earned his reputation as one of Kenya's finest prime-time news anchors. 

His exceptional command of both English and Dholuo, combined with his remarkable interviewing skills, distinguishes him as one of the country's leading multilingual journalists.

While Trevor's poised demeanour while delivering the news might suggest a seamless journey to the top, his path was anything but ordinary. 

In a candid conversation with a local publication, Trevor revealed his humble beginnings before entering the media industry. He disclosed that he once worked as a conductor for matatus (minibuses) in Nyakach, Kisumu. 

He remarked, "I used to be a matatu conductor in that area (Nyakach) for a long time. Stopping at the bus stage and interacting with boda boda operators and matatu drivers is natural for me because I was one of them."

Trevor's journey into the media industry began after he earned a degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of Nairobi. He initially joined the China Central Television Africa Bureau, now known as CGTN, as a Junior Assignment Desk Editor. 

He held this position until July 2013 when he made the transition to Nation FM, where he secured a role as a radio news anchor.

His career trajectory continued to ascend, as in August 2014, Trevor made the move to NTV, where he served as a news anchor and associate producer until 2018. 

It was in 2018 that he joined Royal Media Services, where he is currently based. At Royal Media, Trevor has taken on significant responsibilities, including anchoring the Monday 9 PM news program known as "Monday Report." He is also a prominent presenter on "Day Break," the morning show, and is one of the faces of Ramogi TV.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the media industry, Trevor was honoured with the Head of State Commendation (HSC) award by President Uhuru Kenyatta in December 2020. 

In response to this prestigious award, Trevor expressed his elation, saying, "I am elated to have been conferred the Head of State Commendation (HSC) this morning.

 Congratulations to everyone who made the list. Effective immediately, if you don't add HSC when you call my name, sitaitika." His journey from a matatu conductor in Nyakach to a respected news anchor serves as an inspiring testament to his dedication and success in the media world.

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