Carol Katrue Calls Out Miracle Baby’s Baby Mama, Provides His Health Update

ByMichelle Wanjiru
Published on: Feb 01, 2024 12:02
Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue. Image Courtesy

Content creator Carol Katrue has accused Gengetone artist Peter Mwangi aka Miracle Baby’s baby mama for not reaching out when the singer was ailing. 

The singer is recovering in Kenyatta National Hospital after a successful surgery addressing a ruptured intestine.

Carol was furious because those who deemed themselves as Peter’s baby mamas all left when he ailed, leaving her to take care of the renowned Gengetone artist. 

Baby mama wamekuwa wakimfuatilia where are they? ( Where are the baby mamas who have been fighting for him?)” She lamented.

“Hawako mi sijaona hata mmoja. Ata ile kupiga simu kuuliza ako aje hakuna ata mmoja (They are nowhere to be seen, none of them even showed up or called to see how he is progressing)” Carol added.

She accused some of them of using Miracle Baby’s name for clout

Carol harshly ridiculed those spreading false information online that Miracle Baby had passed away. She added that people have been calling her to console her on his demise.

 “Kuna watu fulani wanapost Tiktok na Facebook ati RIP, so nimekuwa nikireceive calls so watu wananiambia ati pole. Ju ya nini?. So ningetaka kuclarify Peter ako sawa hajakufa so mwenye anajaribu kumuua ndo atakufa wa kwanza,” Carol clarified.

When news of Miracle Baby’s ailment hit the internet this week, his wife Carol revealed that he had been battling intestinal obstructions since 2018, a condition that was initially treated, and the appendix removed but they were not informed of the procedure.

Carol has also been seeking financial aid to cover the increasing hospital bills which have now hit the 1 million mark and the Mugithi singer is still in hospital.

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