The Treasury Sets aside Sh727 Million for the Tourism Sector

ByTiyo Wako
Published on: May 15, 2023 11:05
A collage image of the National Treasury and Tourist on a game drive. Photo| Courtesy

The National Treasury has set aside Sh727 million for the expansion and rehabilitation of airstrips as it seeks to open up the tourism sector, movement of cargo and enhance the mobility of passengers across the country.

Budget plans from the treasury show that the specified amount has been apportioned for the new financial year starting July.

According to the estimates, Migori Airstrip will get Sh 211 Million, Lanet(Sh203 Million), Kitale(Sh 130 Million), Isiolo(Sh70 Million) and Angama(Sh113m) totalling Sh727 million.

Complete runway rehabilitation, new apron construction, security fence installation, and patrol road construction are all part of the operation at Migori Airstrip.

The Kenya Airports Authority has pushed for the planned rehabilitation to support the tourism circuit between Kenya and Tanzania.

The Angama Airstrip has a significant positive impact on the Maasai Mara National Reserve tourism sector. The airport can accommodate frequent flights by carriers like Mombasa Air Safari, Air Kenya, and Safarilink. In addition to other surrounding lodges and camps, it principally serves Mara Angama Lodge and Mara West Camp.

The first phase of the Angama extension and rehabilitation project, which started in 2021, involved upgrading the airport's 1260-metre-long runway and increasing its width from 18 to 25 metres to facilitate code C aircraft operations.

The expansion of the existing runaway from 1260 metres to 2500 metres in length and from 23 metres to 30 metres width will take place in the second phase.

In the third phase, construction of a new runaway of 3300 meters long, 45 metre wide with terminal points will be initiated by the government.

The airstrip is expected to ease travel in and out of Nakuru town and surrounding locations which are currently only accessible by road.

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