Rainforest Alliance Suspends Licenses of 2 Tea Companies Over Sexual Abuse Allegations.

ByNelvin Mulama
Published on: May 12, 2023 08:05
An image of workers in a tea farm .Photo|Courtesy

Rainforest Alliance has issued a license suspension to Ekaterra Tea Company formerly known as Unilever Tea Kenya and James Finlay Kenya Tea Company over allegations of sexual abuse on its workers after an expose by British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC).


The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working in the business, agriculture and forest sector to ensure farmers produce better crops, adapt to climate change and increase their productivity.


A statement issued by Rainforest Alliance on the suspension noted that Ekaterra and James Finlay Tea companies did not comply with the social and management regulations.


Following the suspension, Rainforest Alliance said it launched investigations into the matter of sexual abuse of workers in Finlay and Ekaterra tea companies and came up with sufficient evidence.


The suspension means tea from the two companies exported to international markets will not be accepted since it is not certified. On the other hand, tea that was exported before suspending those licenses which took place on 9th May 2023 will not be hindered.



In a report done by BBC, more than 70 women working in Kenya tea farms owned by British Companies were sexually abused by their supervisors.

One woman revealed to BBC that she was infected with HIV/AIDs after being sexually harassed by one of the bosses at the tea companies.



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