Slay Queens Blamed For Allegedly Sleeping With Shabana Players Before FKF Matches

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Nov 10, 2023 08:11
Shabana Players. Photo Courtesy

Shabana FC enthusiasts have accused a group known as 'Warembo na Shabana' of disrupting their players' focus on the day before matches in the Kenyan Football Premier League.

In a recent statement from a concerned supporter of the Kenya Premier League club, it was alleged that the presence of these ladies was adversely affecting the team's performance. 

Despite ongoing efforts by the team's management, including the Governor of Kisii County and the Ministry of Sports, to support Shabana FC, the interference from 'Warembo Na Shabana' has emerged as a significant concern.

The statement highlighted that the players, after away matches, would stay overnight in inns for rest. However, it was claimed that the players were informing 'Warembo Na Shabana' of their residence during these stays, leading to distractions and fatigue on match days.

To address this issue, the statement urged both the female fans and the players to avoid disclosing their whereabouts to each other, especially on the eve of matches. 

The fans were asked to refrain from following the players, and the players were advised not to inform the women of their overnight locations.

Shabana FC currently finds itself in the second-to-last position in the 18-team league. 

Despite efforts to resolve internal matters and receive support from the management, the team is grappling with challenges that extend beyond the field.

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