Sakaja Implements Strict Measures to Recover Unpaid Land Rates

ByLook Up Tv Reporter
Published on: Jun 18, 2024 12:06
Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja || Photo Courtesy

Nairobi County has initiated a process to recover land owed to the county due to unpaid land rates. Governor Sakaja Johnson and the County Executive Committee have approved the auction of properties in arrears and imposed caveats to prevent transactions on these properties. The county will also require tenants of properties with rental income to pay rent directly to the county government until outstanding rates are settled.

This action comes after the expiration of a waiver for penalties and interest on land rates, contingent on payment of the principal amount. The county had previously published a list of defaulters and provided a one-month grace period to settle debts.

Governor Sakaja emphasized the need for an efficient recovery process managed by internal lawyers to minimize legal fees. The county has so far collected KShs 3.26 billion in land rates against a target of KShs 7 billion, contributing to a record total revenue of KShs 12.26 billion for the financial year, the highest since devolution.

Additionally, Governor Sakaja has directed efforts to beautify Langata Cemetery, leveraging resources from the City Park tree nursery. The County Executive Committee Member for Finance has also been tasked with issuing travel guidelines for local and foreign trips.

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