Sakaja Fails To Appear Before Senate Committee, Slapped with a Huge Fine Over Embakasi Gas Explosion

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Mar 28, 2024 11:03
Governor Sakaja. Photo Courtesy

Amidst the chaos of the urban jungle, the corridors of power in Nairobi County were filled with a tense silence. Governor Johnson Arthur Sakaja once again found himself at the centre of a political storm.

The Governor has defied the summons of the oversight house, the Senate Standing Committee on Energy. This time, a hefty fine of Ksh 500,000 has been imposed on the Nairobi Governor.

But it wasn't just any matter that the Governor was dodging. No, this time it is the aftermath of a tragedy that shook the very foundations of Nairobi's collective consciousness—the deadly gas explosion at Embakasi East's Mradi estate. Lives lost, families torn apart, and questions left unanswered. And at the heart of it all, Governor Sakaja, seemingly as elusive as ever.

The Senators, led by the formidable duo of Bony Khalwale and Ledama Olekina, weren't ones to mince their words. Their voices echoed with the demands for accountability. 

The two led by the Narok Senator said that the Governor is a constant joker who fancy entertainment most owing to the office he holds.

They insisted that the Governor was aware of the summoning but decided to skip it.

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