President Museveni Refuses to sign the Anti-Gay Bill; asks Lawmakers to consider Options that May not Impose Harsh Penalty

ByMaureen Lurare
Published on: Apr 24, 2023 02:04
President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni. Photo| Courtesy.

The spokesperson said that the President had asked the lawmakers to consider "the issue of rehabilitation", and also says "I totally agree with the bill, but my original problem is the psychologically disoriented person" said Museveni, according to the statement read by the spokesperson.

The President has 30 days to either sign the legislation into law, return it to parliament, veto it or inform the parliament. But if it is sent twice to parliament for revisions the law will pass without the President's assent.

An earlier bill was made last month which received widespread criticism from the international community and was later nullified by Uganda’s constitutional court on procedural grounds.

UN Human Rights Head described the bill last month as "shocking and discriminatory". This bill was passed unanimously by 389 MPs on the 21st of March.

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