Nakuru Governor Kihika To Appear Before Senate Over War Memorial Hospital Saga

ByNasha Kagua
Published on: Feb 25, 2024 02:02
A collage image of Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika and Senator Tabitha Karanja. Photo| Courtesy

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has been summoned by the Senate Standing Committee on Health over the War Memorial Hospital saga that has been ongoing for the past 2 months.

Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja issued a statement indicating that the committee aims to obtain answers regarding the two-month paralysis of services at the hospital.

“All parties involved in this saga including the Governor have been summoned by the Senate so that the truth can be known,” Senator Tabitha stated.

The Senator emphasized her unwavering commitment to fight for the hospital's reopening, highlighting its critical importance to the healthcare sector.

Adding that she had filed a petition to the Senate after the county took over the facility that has been providing treatment for dialysis patients for years.

“As a senator for Nakuru, I am afraid that my people’s frustrations have reached fever pitch point and I can feel their frustration.”

“If nothing is urgently done to bring back our county to the rule, I am afraid our people have been left with no options than to exercise the power given to them by article One of the Constitution,” she added.

This comes amidst the ongoing dispute between the county and the hospital management, with the latter being accused of disregarding six court orders.

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