If You Voted William Ruto and You Have No School Fees, Kula Ujeuri Yako - Eric Ragalo

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Jan 30, 2024 08:01
President Ruto shedding tears during a prayer session in Karen. Photo Courtesy

Once upon a political landscape, President Ruto boldly declared that he had a visionary plan to lead the nation towards prosperity and progress.

However, as the pages of time have turned, the stark reality began to unfold, leaving many questioning the authenticity of his proclaimed plan in the 2022 campaigns.

Renowned Political Analyst Eric Ragalo, a keen observer of the political currents, speaking exclusively on Look Up TV recently shed light on what he perceives as a concerning revelation.

According to Ragalo, President Ruto's plan appears to be more elusive than ever, with a widening gap between promise and execution.

Ragalo's discerning gaze does not merely rest on the president's lack of a tangible plan but extends to the demographic that played a pivotal role in propelling Ruto into the highest office— the youth.

He points out that a significant number of young individuals, who may not have had the opportunity to experience formal education, were instrumental in securing President Ruto's victory.

In Ragalo's narrative, the involvement of these youngsters in the political process raises a myriad of questions about the direction in which the nation is headed.

Are their voices being adequately heard, or are they unwittingly supporting a leader without a concrete blueprint for the future?

The Political analyst purports that the Kenya Kwanza administration has no solid plan.

“I don't think William Ruto has a plan in the Education sector in this country, look at the numbers, anyway to the Parents that voted in President William Ruto and have no school fees, Kuleni Ujeuri yenu.” The political pundit said

As the political saga continues to unfold, the spotlight now turns to the president's purported plan, or rather, the lack thereof.

The intricate dance between promises made and actions taken has become a central theme in the ongoing narrative of the nation's political journey.

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