Former President Uhuru Kenyatta's Office Denies Receiving Funds From Ruto's Government

ByNasha Kagua
Published on: Jun 10, 2024 05:06
Former President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo Courtesy

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused the Kenya Kwanza Government of withholding the allocated budget of Sh503 million intended for his office's operation.

Former State House spokesperson Kanze Dena stated that despite an allocation of Sh503 million for the current financial year, the office of the fourth president has not received any funding.

“In the 2023/2024 financial year, which ends in a few weeks, the budget allocation to this office was Sh503 million. The year is ending without the office having access to this allocation,” Kanze Dena stated.

She noted that although salaries and medical insurance have been covered, no other expenditures from the former president's office can be accounted for.

“The quagmire the office is in is that the office cannot account for what has been used and where the money has been used as several requests and attempts to get budget returns from the accounting officer have fallen on deaf ears,” she said.

The Office of the 4th President also expressed concerns regarding the communication approach adopted by the current Government. Ms. Kanze elaborated that Ruto’s Government tends to rely on verbal communication for official matters or sometimes opts not to respond to correspondence initiated by Kenyatta's office.

Ms. Dena elaborated on the implications of this communication style, highlighting various areas affected. These include requests of fuel and maintenance, which are crucial for the smooth operation of the Office.

“The Office notes with concern how State House chooses to communicate with this Office. State House chooses a verbal form of communication on official matters or chooses not to respond to correspondence generated by this office.”


“This includes requests for fuel and maintenance, office operations and facilitation, pending contract renewals and budget returns,” Kanze Dena added.


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