Family Decry As Popular Political Blogger Goes Missing After A Social Media Post

ByNasha Kagua
Published on: Dec 15, 2023 09:12
Daniel Muthiani. Photo Courtesy

Political Activist and Blogger Daniel Muthiani popularly known as Sniper was reported missing on December 4th having disappeared for two weeks.

Based on the information conveyed by his wife, the Political Activist reportedly received a phone call from his alleged acquittance related to his social media posts, in which it appeared that the caller was trying to buy his silence.

Sniper agreed to meet up with him at an unknown location and immediately left his house in Kabuitu, Igembe Central, to date, he remains missing.

The family is seeking justice, asserting that they suspect Daniel has been abducted. They have also expressed frustration over the fact that the caller has not yet been arrested or interrogated leaving them puzzled about the Police’s lack of action.

Sources reveal that the intelligence office is actively pursuing leads and has detected signals from Muthiani's registered number traced to Naivasha County.

County Police Commander Cunningham Suiyanka has assured that an investigation is underway to determine the whereabouts of the missing and that the family should remain calm

"The County Criminal Investigation Officer and a team of officers are currently on the ground and once we get information we will update you on the progress," Suiyanka stated.

Meru leaders led by Deputy Governor Isaac Muthama have also called upon the Authorities to take quick action.

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