Details of The Last Moments of Journalist Rita Tinina Before Her Demise

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Mar 19, 2024 12:03
Rita Tinina. Photo Courtesy

The late Rita Tinina appeared fine at dinner, but according to a source who spoke exclusively to LOOK UP DIGITAL, she had dinner, went to bed, and never woke up. 

A police report indicated no physical injuries were found on the body of the veteran journalist. 

"Her assistant and her four-year-old child were present. The office contacted a neighbour to investigate why she was unreachable," the source stated. 

Tinina had a remarkable career spanning over twenty years, beginning at NTV before transitioning to KTN. She returned to NTV in 2023, where she continued to thrive as a committed journalist. 

The autopsy will be carried out to ascertain the cause of death of the veteran journalist.

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