Details Of Senator Edwin Sifuna’s Plans to Audit Governor Sakaja’s Feeding Programme

ByEdgar Wabwire
Published on: Feb 06, 2024 09:02
Sakaja and Sifuna. Photo Courtesy

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has adopted a proactive stance towards examining local projects within the capital, redirecting his attention from national to regional issues.

Engaging in a series of on-site visits, Sifuna assessed the impact of these projects, beginning with the Sh1.7 billion Dishi na County school feeding program.

Expressing his commitment to oversight responsibilities, Sifuna conducted evaluations at key locations, including the Giga Kitchen in the Industrial Area, as well as kitchens at Kwa Njenga and Bidii primary schools.

He emphasized that a comprehensive report would follow once his fact-finding mission was complete.

Engaging with various stakeholders, including teachers, parents, contractors, and students, Sifuna aimed to gather insights into the implementation of the Dishi na County school feeding program.

Initiated by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, the program aims to provide subsidized lunches for public primary school children at a cost of Sh5 per meal.

Sakaja allocated Sh1.2 billion in his 2023-24 budget for the program, with funds designated for additional kitchens and subsidizing meal costs.

Underlining the significance of the intergovernmental partnership between Sakaja and the national government, a Sh1.7 billion agreement outlines the terms for implementing the school meals program in public primary schools in Nairobi.

Ten central kitchens have been constructed in various sub-counties since June of the previous year.

In its second phase, the Dishi na County school feeding program is expected to benefit at least 60 schools in Nairobi. Beyond school projects, Sifuna also visited Mbagathi and Mutuini hospitals last week to assess their status.

Notably, Sifuna highlighted concerns at Mutuini hospital, pointing out that despite the installation of an X-ray machine, it remained unused.

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